Soul Tattoo

Tattooing your personal symbol can have a great impact on you.

You are not only carrying your souls‘ intention on your skin,
you become the embodiment of it.

The symbol is not only a beautiful piece of jewelry,
it it a true expression of your unique beauty.

Are you ready to show your potential?

Are you ready to radiate your beauty?

Are you ready to step into your power and own it?

Your sacred journey begins here

Step 1

Donwload the Information and Questionnaire PDF

Step 2

Read carefully and fill in the questionnaire
Let me guide you with my free Meditation

Take your time

Step 3

Send it filled out back to me via WhatsApp

Your Meditation:
Connect deeply to your self


Please read the full Information PDF and take all the time and space you need.

Really connect to yourself in this specific moment of your life. Fill out the Selfreflection Questionnaire very mindfully and set your personal intention for the process of creating your Soul Tattoo. Send the completed questionnaire back to me via WhatsApp.

Now it‘s time to relax and let go of any expectations.

A few days before our appointment I will take the time to create your Tattoo Design.

On the day of our session we start with the ceremony (optional – Smudging, Meditation, Tarot Reading – book seperatly) in the morning. After a lunch break we move on to the tattoo session. Your Body, Mind and Spirit will be relaxed and fully prepared for the process.



Handpoke is the technique used to do a Tattoo made by hand and NOT by machine. The exact same needles are being used… but the movement of the needle is done by hand.

Dot by dot the tattoo will be created with loving presence and full awareness.

This technique comes with a lot of benefits: It‘s a more traditional and ancient way of tattooing.

The tattoo process is less painful
Because the tattooing process takes a lot longer than with machine your skin has way more time to adjust to the situation.

Doing the tattoo is less noisy
There is only a little sound of the needle poking your skin so your nervous system doesn‘t get triggered and your mind has the chance to slow down and relax.

The healing process is much faster
Since your skin doesn‘t get as irritated as with machine it heals much faster.

After Care

Taking properly care of your new Soul tattoo is very essential for a good healing process.

Make sure to get a cream that is supporting your skin to heal the wound caused by the tattooing process. It should be a cream that is moisturizing, nourishing, antiseptic and antibacterial. Please wash your tattoo for the first 3 days with lukewarm water (twice a day). Only use parfume free soap.

After washing please nourish your tattoo with putting a little bit of cream on it… make sure not to use too much.

Usually it takes 10-14 days and the tattoo is completely healed. Within that period of time make sure to keep your fresh tattoo out of direct sunlight. You should avoid swimming, sauna and humidity for at least 2 weeks.

Please feel free to contact me any time for further information and personal support.