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Soul Tattoo

Pure Embodiment of your
Souls Purpose

Radiate your Beauty
Step into your Power
Own your Strength
Show your Potential
Share your Gift

Suna Space Sacred Symbols

Sacred Symbols

Choose 3 Words

& get 1 symbol


A great reminder of your Truth

Realize your Beauty

Connect with your Inner Strength

Fall in Love with Yourself

Suna Space Soul Activation

Soul Activation

Symbol Meditation Session & how to use Sacred Symbols

Explore your Heart Space

Activate your Intention

Transform your Life

Logo Design

Present your Soul Mission

Show your Soul Business

Attract your Soul Tribe


Focus on your Vision

Suna Space Sacred Symbols Bodypainting


Celebrate your Unique Beauty
and become a Living Piece of Art.

Book me for your Special occasion:

Babybelly Painting
Wedding – Bride & Quest Painting
Festival – Face Painting
and much more.

About Me




Who am I

My Soul Mission

My Vision


How can I book an at Suna Space appointment?

To book an appointment please contact me through my contact form in the section CONNECT.

How does the process of creating a tattoo/symbol/logo work?

To get more information about the entire process of creating a Sacred Symbol (incl. pricing) please DONWLOAD THE INFO PDF.


How do you design the Sacred symbols?

Every symbol from Suna Space is channeled by me for your personal intention.

Choose 3-5 words which represent your values, dreams, needs and desires.


If I like a symbol or tattoo design,
can i take it and get it tattooed
by another artist?

I‘m very happy about every soul that feels connected to my art.

So feel free to connect with me and ask me about the availability of your favorite design. Please be mindful and don‘t take any symbols or other art work from Suna Space without asking for permission.

Every design and sacred symbol is made for a specific person. It is not allowed to copy or take any of Suna Space’s artwork and use it without my consent.


how much does a tattoo session at Suna Space cost?

To get more information about pricing and costs at Suna Space, please DOWNLOAD THE INFO PDF.

I also offer different payment plans. Please contact me directly to talk about different options.


Do you also create custom designs?
I wanna get tattooed by another artist.

Depending on my availability I also do custom designs even if you won‘t get the chance to get a personal appointment with me.

Since i loooove traveling… please get in touch and ask me if I will come to your country in the near future.

I‘m open to travel abroad when there is enough demand.