About me


My Name is Denise Majer also known as SUNA.

I am a free artist working with sacred geometry and cosmic lightlanguage. My art is a true expression of the love I feel towards everything there is. This can be a being, a process or even a feeling… everything can get translated into a symbol that carries a very unique energy.

Giving form to something that can not be perceived by the mind is my absolute passion. Manifesting and giving birth to our deepest longings and hearts desires is what connects me with universal power.


It supports my growth on all levels and mirrors myself in all that I create.

Moving into a individual process with a person and receiving their beautiful energy is what nurtures my heart the most.

I create handpoked Soul Tattoos, drawings, logos, paintings and
murals to support people on their unique journey on this planet. If you feel called to work with me I’d love to receive your request via the CONNECT section.


My vision is to inspire people by being a open-
hearted and authentic person.

I do my best in every single moment of this life time
to unreval my full potential in order to serve the world for the benefit of all beings.

I wish to perceive myself and every other being as part of this wonderful creation …

we are all beautiful

we are all worthy

we are all perfect the way we are.