Sacred Symbols

3 Words 1 Symbol

My symbols are a true expression of your souls‘ intention.

It is a geometric form that is charged with your personal values, experiences, dreams, memories, wishes and desires.

The symbol holds your very unique and individual energy and helps you to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

Your personal symbol supports you to enter a specific energetic field.

This can include healing, balance, activation, stabilisation of certain areas of the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body and spiritual body.

Working with a sacred symbol can help you manifest your intention within and without and supports you to focus on what you truly need.

Connent deeply to your self and find your 3 words for your own Sacred Symbol.
Start with my free Meditation for you.

Connect to your 3 Words

trust femininity energy

love inspiration liberation


new earth guidance art


harmony happiness nature


Take a moment to close your eyes…
take a deep breath in…
and out…
feel into your heart.

What is present inside of
you right NOW?

Send me your 3 words
and I create a Sacred Symbol for you.

With your very own sacred symbol,
you will receive a special meditation
to dive deeper into your soul.


Soul Activation

Symbol Meditiation Session &
How to use Sacred Symbols

I created a unique Symbol Meditation Session for you that helps you to tap
into the essence of a symbol and explore its true power in depth.

This Meditation Session will help you focus your mind and open up
your energetic field to call in the frequency the symbols holds.

As you can imagine there is a symbols for every kind of purpose.

Let it be healing, balancing, activating or stabilizing… choose the symbol you are working with wisely and check in with yourself and what you truly need in this moment before starting to work with it.

You can get your personalized symbol or choose a symbol I especially created for
Soul Activation.