Smudging, Meditation & Tarot Reading

“When you start honoring the present
moment…your whole life becomes a CEREMONY.“

One of the things I love the most is being in a ceremony… no matter if I am participating or
leading myself.


… is a way to cleanse your spirit and prepare a sacred space for the soul to arrive in the present moment. I use natural herbal mixtures for many different purposes. You can choose the mixtures you feel called to use.



… is a technique that helps you to calm down the mind and reconnect with your body. In this guided meditation I lead you yourself and support you to feel what is alive inside of you in this very moment.



… is a ritual that brings clarity to your mind.

We will choose the right card formation according to your intention. After you have drawn the cards yourself we will read the cards together. We will find out what the cards are telling you and how you can link it to your current life situation. You are welcome to record the Tarot Reading session and relisten to it at home.

A photo of your cards and a summery of the meaning of the cards will help you to remember what this session was about.